Ethical Policy
to comply with regional laws and maintain the highest reasonable standard for that location

Ethical Policy

These undertakings set out the standards which guide the company and its employees in the overall conduct of its business. The Company is committed to:

  • comply with all laws, regulations, standards and international conventions which apply to our businesses and to our relationships with our stakeholders.
  • where laws and regulations are non-existent or inadequate, maintain the highest reasonable regional standard for that location.
  • accurately and in a timely and verifiable manner, consistently disclose material information about the company and its performance. This will be done in readily understandable language to appropriate regulators, our stakeholders and the public.
  • not offer, pay or accept bribes, nor will we condone anti-competitive market practices and we will not tolerate any such activity by our employees.
  • prohibit our employees from trading shares when they have unpublished, material information concerning the company or its operations.
  • require our employees to comply with all money handling requirements under applicable law, and we further prohibit them from conducting any illegal money transfers or any form of “money laundering” in the conduct of the company’s business.
  • will require our employees to perform their duties conscientiously, honestly and in ways which avoid conflicts between their personal financial or commercial interests and their responsibilities to the company.
  • will take all reasonable steps to identify and monitor significant risks to the company and its stakeholders. We will endeavour to safeguard our assets and to detect and prevent fraud.
  • will promote the application of our principles by those with whom we do business. Their willingness to accept these principles will be an important factor in our decision to enter into and remain in such relationships.
  • seeking out mutually beneficial, ethical long-term relations with those with whom we do business.
  • encourage employees to take personal responsibility for ensuring that our conduct complies with our principles. No employee will suffer for raising with management violations of these principles or any other legal or ethical concern.
  • take the necessary steps to ensure that all employees and other stakeholders are informed of these principles.
  • insuring that no employee acts in a manner that would in any way contravene these principles, the company will take the appropriate disciplinary action concerning such contravention.

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