Health & Safety
committed to complying with all relevant occupational health and safety laws,
regulations and standards

Health & Safety Policy

The company is committed to complying with all relevant occupational health and safety laws, regulations and standards. In the absence of thereof, standards reflecting best practice will be adopted. The Company is committed to:

  • providing a working environment that is conducive to safety and health.
  • placing the management of occupational safety and health as a prime responsibility for management.
  • involve employees and consult with them or their representatives to gain commitment in the implementation of these principles.
  • to providing all necessary resources to enable compliance with these principles.
  • implementing safety and health management systems based on internationally recognised standards and we will assess the effectiveness of these systems through periodic audit.
  • conducting the necessary risk assessments to anticipate, minimise and control occupational hazards.
  • promote initiatives to continuously reduce the safety and health risks associated with our business activities.
  • safety and health objectives based on a comprehensive strategic plan and will measure performance against our plan.
  • monitor the effects of the company’s operational activities on the safety and health of our employees and others, and we will conduct regular performance reviews.
  • provide all necessary personal protective equipment.
  • establish and maintain a system of medical surveillance for all employees.
  • communicate openly on safety and health issues with employees and other stakeholders.
  • ensure that employees at all levels receive appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities.
  • requiring our contractors to comply with these principles as well.

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