Labour Policy
upholding the Fundamental Human Rights and seeking to ensure the implementation of fair employment practices

Labour Policy

AXM is committed to upholding the Fundamental Human Rights and accordingly, we seek to ensure the implementation of fair employment practices by prohibiting forced, compulsory or child labour. The Company will also:

  • commit to creating workplaces free of harassment and unfair discrimination.
  • seek to understand the different cultural dynamics in host communities and adapt work practices to accommodate this where doing so is possible and compatible with the principles expressed here.
  • promoting the development of a work force that reflects the international and local diversity of the organisation.
  • provide all employees with the opportunity to participate in training that will improve their workplace competency.
  • committed to ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to become numerate and functionally literate in the language of the workplace.
  • commit to developing motivated, competent and experienced teams of employees through appropriate recruitment, retention and development initiatives. An emphasis is placed on the identification of potential talent, mentoring and personal development planning.
  • be guided by local circumstances, and to work together with stakeholders to ensure minimum standards for company-provided accommodation.
  • commit to prompt and supportive action in response to any major health threats in the regions in which we operate.

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